MINDAS (Minpaku Integrated Area Studies-South Asia)


Major Publications

These publications are published as results of symposiums of which our centre was organizer or co-organizer, or published as our centre's research results.

  • Minoru Mio, Koichi Fujita, Kazuo Tomozawa, and Toshie Awaya (eds.) Structural Transormation in Globalizing South Asia: Comprehensive Area Studies for Sustainable, Inclusive, and Peaceful Development (Senri Ethnological Studies 96). Osaka. National Museum of Ethnology. 2017
  • Minoru Mio & Abhijit Dasgupta (eds,) Rethinking Social Exclusion in India: Castes, Communities and the State. London & New York. Routledge. 2017
  • Crispin Bates & Minoru Mio (eds.) Cities in South Asia. London & New York. Routledge. 2015
  • 三尾 稔・杉本良男 編著 『現代インド6 環流する文化と宗教』 東京大学出版会 2015年