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Thursday, May 31 ~Friday, June 1, 2007
《Symposia and Forums》Transnational Migration in East Asia: Japan in Comparative Focus

Date: May 31--June 1, 2007



Following the introductory session, the symposium discusses the current state of transnational migrants in Japan ethnographically, followed by two focus sessions on “Multicultural Japan?” and “Japan's aging society and transnational migration.” The final session examines migration issues in comparative East Asian perspective. The symposium is carried out by “Transborder Anthropology” project of Minpaku, jointly with the “Comparative research project on East Asian Migration” organized by David Haines (George Mason University) and the “Aging society and international migration in Asia and Oceania” project (JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research) organized by Koji Miyazaki (ILCAA, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies).


1st Day---May 31 (Thursday)
9:20--10:10 Session 1: Introduction
Chair: MINAMI Makito
Opening Remarks: YAMASHITA Shinji (University of Tokyo):
 Transnational Movement of People in East Asia: An Introduction
Keynote Speech: HAINES, David W. (George Mason University, USA):
 Transnational Migration: Japan in Comparative Focus
10:10--10:20 Break
10:20--12:20 Session 2: Ethnography of Transnational Migrants in Japan Part I
Chair: YAMANAKA Keiko
HARAJIRI Hideki (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto):
 * MATSUO Mizuho (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka) read his paper, because of his unavoidable absence.
 Globalization, State Interest, and Cultural Capital: Korean Relocation to Japan since 1910
CHEN Tien-shi (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka):
 The Increasing Presence of Chinese Migrants in Japan
SASAKI Koji (University of Tokyo):
 For an Unanswered Love of Country: Brazilian Nikkeijin Return Migration from the Sending Society's Point of View.
12:20--13:30 Lunch
13:30--15:30 Session 3: Ethnography of Transnational Migrants in Japan Part II
Chair: CHEN Tien-shi
SUZUKI Nobue (Nagasaki Wesleyan University):
 Filipino Migration to Japan: From Surrogate Americans to Feminized Workers
KAWAKAMI Ikuo (Waseda University, Tokyo):
 The Vietnamese Diaspora in Japan and their Dilemma in the Context of Transnational Dynamism
MINAMI Makito (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka)
 Overstaying Undocumented Workers on the Decrease in Japan: A Case of Nepalese Immigrant Workers
15:30--15:40 Break
15:40--17:40 Session 4: Multicultural Japan?
Chair: EADES, Jerry S.
SHOJI Hiroshi (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka):
 Is Japan a Multilingual Society?
KUDO Masako (University of Tokyo):
 Negotiation of Difference in “Multicultural” Japan: Japanese Women Converted to Islam through International Marriage
MOCK John (University of Tsukuba):
 Some Thinking about Multicultural Education in Japan: In an Age of Increasing Communication and Transportation.
18:30--20:30 Dinner
2nd Day---June 1 (Friday)
9:30--11:30 Session 5: Japan's Aging Society and Transnational Migration
Chair: SHOJI Hiroshi
MIYAZAKI Koji (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies):
 Aging Society and Migration to Asia and Oceania
ONO Mayumi (University of Tokyo):
 "Long-stay" Tourism and International Retirement Migration: Japanese Retirees in Malaysia
TOYOTA Mika (Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore):
 Care Work and Intra-regional Migration
11:30--12:40 Lunch
12:40--15:10 Session 6: Comparative Perspectives Chair: HAINES, David W.
XIANG Biao (University of Oxford, UK):
 Labor Transplant and Transnational Encapsulation in East Asia
JEONG Jong-Ho (Seoul National University, Korea):
 The Emergence of Transnational Migration in Contemporary Korea and Its Implications for Korean Society
YAMANAKA Keiko (University of California, Berkeley, USA):
 Japan as a Country of Immigration: Two Decades after an Influx of Immigrant Workers and Spouses
TAKEZAWA Shoichiro (National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka):
 Nation-State and Immigration: A European Perspective
15:10--15:30 Break
15:30--17:00 Session 7: Discussion
Chair: YAMASHITA Shinji
KOIZUMI Junji (Osaka University): comment
EADES, Jerry S. (Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Oita): comment
HAINES, David W. (George Mason University, USA): comment

Organizing Committee
MINAMI Makito (National Museum of Ethnology)
YAMASHITA Shinji (University of Tokyo)
HAINES David (George Mason University)
SHOJI Hiroshi (National Museum of Ethnology)
CHEN Tien-shi (National Museum of Ethnology)

YOSHIDA Hirohito, KOBAYASHI Emi, IKENO Keiko (National Museum of Ethnology)
MINAMIDE Kazuyo (Kyoto University)
KUBOTA Satoru (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)