The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

For Teachers of Elementary, Junior High and High School


  • The Min-pack is a learning kit that include costumes, musical instruments, tools, and other artifacts from many nations and regions of the world. They are lent to schools and other educational institutions.

Minpaku Worksheets

  • Minpaku offers a variety of worksheets for educational use. All can be downloaded from our website.

Adventures at Minpaku

  • Minpaku Museum Partners (MMP) offers schools a variety of experiential learning programs for use in general education, social studies, Japanese language and international understanding courses.

Museum-School Partnership Program

  • Minpaku works with schools to develop programs that bring the results of Minpaku research and museum activities to classroom.

School Trips and Extramural Study Programs / Pre-visit Preparation and Guidance

  • Minpaku provides guidance on how to prepare for visits to the museum and introduces educational tools for use before and after visits. We welcome questions and suggestions from educators.


  • Minpaku researchers introduce cultures from around the world through handicraft and other experiential programs as a way of opening research results to the public.


  • A site for children. Here children will, while enjoying what Minpaku has to offer, also have the opportunity to learn through their online experience. (Under construction)