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Saturday, December 1 ~Sunady, December 2, 2007
《International Workshop》The 5th International Workshop on Development Cooperation "International Cooperation of the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and NGOs in the Netherlands and World Bank"

  • Time: December 1, 10:35-17:00 and December 2, 10:30-14:45, 2007
  • Place:Fourth Seminar Room, National Museum of Ethnology

This workshop aims at discussing the research, education and practices of development aid at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and the development projects of Woord en Daad (a Dutch NGO) and the World Bank. Especially, we hope to consider the roles of anthropologists/sociologists in Dutch development projects and the World Bank as well as significance and limitation in the social use of anthropology/sociology for international development cooperation, through comparative examinations of several cases from ISS, Woord en Daad, World Bank and Japanese aid agencies.


Day 1 (Saturday, 1st of December 2007)
Chair: Motoi Suzuki (National Museum of Ethnology)
10:35-10:55 "Introduction to the International Development Cooperation of the Dutch Organizations and World Bank"
Nobuhiro Kishigami (National Museum of Ethnology)
Chair: Katsuhiko Masaki (Seisen University)
11:00-11:40 "Higher Education and International Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs"
Johan van Dijk (ISS)
11:40-12:00 "Comments" by Hiroshi Sato (Institute of Developing Economies)
12:00-12:30 "Discussion"
12:30-13:45 Lunch Break
Chair: Mayumi Ishikawa (Osaka University)
13:45-14:25 "Anthropology and Development: Education and Research in Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and the University of Leiden"
M. A. R. M. Salih (ISS)
14:25-14:45 "Comments" by Eisei Kurimoto (Osaka University)
14:45-15:15 "Discussion"
15:15-15:30 Coffee Break
Chair: Nobuhiro Kishigami (National Museum of Ethnology)
15:30-16:10 "Positioning an NGO in the Dutch Development Sector"
Sander Verduijn (Woord en Daad)
16:10-16:30 "Comments" by Takuji Takimura (JICA)
16:30-17:00 "Discussion"
Day 2 (Sunday, 2nd of December 2007)
Chair: Hiroshi Kan Sato (Institute of Developing Economies)
10:30-11:10 "Community Participation in Rural Infrastructure Development - Towards Synergies between Participation, Economics, and 'Good Engineering'"
Satoshi Ishihara (World Bank)
11:10-11:30 "Comments" by Elli Sugita (Tokyo International University)
11:30-12:00 "Discussion"
12:00-13:15 Lunch Break
Chair: Motoi Suzuki (National Museum of Ethnology)
13:15-14:45 General Discussion
Comments by Fumihiko Saitoh (Ryukoku University)
Comments by Yoichi Mine (Osaka University)
Ending at 14:45