The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

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Saturday, February 28 ~Sunday, March 1, 2009
《International Workshop》Anthropology of Life-design and Well-being
  • Date: 28th February 2009-1st March 2009
  • Place: Soushikan Conference Room, Kinugasa campus, Ritsumeikan University
  • Organizer: National Museum of Ethnology, Research Center for Ars Vivendi, Global COE Program for Ars Vivendi, From/to Time Space
  • Sponsorship: Hiroshima University, Japan Society of Cultural Anthropology, Japanese Association for Canadian Studies, Kansai NPO Alliance, The Mainichi Newspapers
  • Capacity: 130 people
  • Language: Japanese/English
PROGRAM 28 February (Saturday)
10:00 Opening Address MATSUBARA Yoko (Professor, Risumeikan University)
Greetings TAMURA Katsumi (Deputy Director-General, National Museum of Ethnology)
Greetings TATEIWA Shinya (Professor, Ritsumeikan University)
Introduction to the Forum SUZUKI Nanami (Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)
[Session 1]
Towards a Creative Friendly Society for Humans―Sending Information about Human Development from the University
11:00 Development of Activities at a University 'Accessibility Center’
SANO-FUJITA Mariko (Professor, Hiroshima University)
11:30 Changes in Volunteer Activities in Recovering from a Disaster
INABA Yoko (Researcher, Ochanomizu University)
12:00 Comment and Q&A
YAMAMOTO Naomi (Lecturer, Doshisha University)
TANIGUCHI Yoko (Executive Director, Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care)
12:45 Lunch
[Session 2]
'Quality of Life’ of Senior Citizens in a Multicultural Society
13:35 Momiji Outreach Programs for a Long-term Care Home in a Multicultural Society of Toronto, Canada
DEMBO Kiyoshi (Outreach Coordinator, Momiji Health Care Society)
14:05 Continuing Care with Regard to Cultural Background in the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care
HUI Tilda (Executive Director, Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care)
14:35 Comment and Q&A
KANAMOTO Itsuko (Professor, Momoyama Gakuin University)
YAMADA Chikako (Professor, Nagasaki Prefectural University)
15:20 Coffee Break
[Session 3]
From Senior Citizens’ Well-being to the Design of Local Communities
15:40 Industrial Type of Well-being: Harnessing the Creativity of Senior Citizens in the Design of a Town
YOKOISHI Tomoji (Vice-Preident, Irodori Corporation)
16:10 Life-Long Education Program at McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement (MILR) in a Multicultural City, Montreal
IKAWA-SMITH Fumiko (Professor Emerita, McGill University)
16:40 Comment and Q&A
ENDO Hideki (Professor, Nara Prefectural University)
SHIROUZU Hironobu (Associate Professor, Kobe University)
PROGRAM 1 March (Sunday)
[Session 4]
Community Design Starting from Techniques for Disabled People
10:00 Explanation of Content
MATSUBARA Yoko (Vice-Preident, Irodori Corporation)
10:10 Space ALS-D ――Nursing x Dancing x Construction
SAKATA Koichi (Kyoto Institute of Technology)
YAMAMOTO Shinsuke (Ritsumeikan University)
10:40 Face to Face Communication Between Remote Area for Patients with Obstinate Diseases and Technical Peer Support
HIDAKA Tomoo (Ritsumeikan University)
MIZUKI Shodo (Ritsumeikan University)
11:10 The Daily Activities of Severely Disabled People and Students Making Things They Can Use
NAMATAME Akihiko (Director of the Institution, Social Welfare Corporation House of Visit)
TASAKA Satsuki (Rissho University)
OHNO Hidetaka (Shonan Institute of Technology)
11:40 Comment and Q&A
HIROSE Koujirou (Associate Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)
NAKAMURA Masaki (Associate Professor, Osaka University)
12:25 Lunch
[Session 5]
Alternative Education and Life Design
13:15 “Schools without Examinations”: Gathering People at Folkehoejskole in Denmark
CHIBA Tadao (Director, Bank Mikkelsens Mindefond/Director, Danish Japanese Cultural College)
13:45 Alternative Education and the Design of Time: The Way of Life of the Amish in the Present Age, U.S.A
SUZUKI Nanami (Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)
YAMAMOTO Shinsuke (Ritsumeikan University)
14:15 Comment and Q&A
NOMURA Takeo (Professor, Kyoto Notre Dame University)
OYABU Chiho (Associate Professor, Gifu University)
15:00 Coffee Break
[Session 6]
General Discussion
15:20 Comments
FUJIWARA Kuniko (Researcher, Osaka University)
TERASAKI Hiroaki (Professor, Yamanashi University)
15:40 General Discussion
16:30 Summary and Closing Address
SANO-FUJITA Mariko (Professor, Hiroshima University)
OYABU Chiho (Associate Professor, Gifu University)