The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Staff Members

TAKEZAWA Shoichiro
TAKEZAWA ShoichiroTAKEZAWA Shoichiro
Department of Cultural Research・Professor
Research Specialization
  • Afirican history, history of anthropological thought; West Africa
Individual Research Projects
  • 1. A Study of African History
  • 2. A Study of Communities Devastated by Tsunami
Personal website

Academic Qualifications:

  • B.A. Univ. of Tokyo 1976
  • M.A. Univ. of Tokyo 1978
  • Ph.D. L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales 1985

Research Interests

  • Study on the Fishermen's Societies in West Africa
  • Reconstruction of the West African History
  • Reconstruction of the History of Anthropology in Relation to the Formation of European Societies

Research Keywords

Africa, Europe, Japan, Bozo, Dogon, Japanese, Religious Anthropology, Cultural history, Social History, Material Culture

Publications (English publications only)

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Academic Degrees

Symbole et pouvoi - Système général des rites, le cas des Dogon du Mali. Thèse du 3ème cycle présentée et soutenue à L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris. (1985.3)