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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.42 Coastal Foragers in Transition

February 9, 1996 Publication

Edited by Tomoya Akimichi

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1. Introduction
Tomoya Akimichi
2. Lagoon Life among the Langalanga, Malaita Island, Solomon Islands
Akira Goto
3. Ecological Knowledge of Fanalei Villagers about Dolphins: Dolphin Hunting in the Solomon Islands 1
Daisuke Takekawa
4. The Method of Dolphin Hunting and the Distribution of Teeth and Meat: Dolphin Hunting in the Solomon Islands 2
Daisuke Takekawa
5. Reef Tenure of Western Province in Papua New Guinea
Masataka Tawa
6. Time Allocation and Food Consumption among the Kiwai-Speaking Papuan in Papua New Guinea
Kazuhiro Suda
7. Marine Resource Use in the Bojo of North Sulawesi and Maluku, Indonesia
Tomoya Akimichi and Dedi A. Supriadi
8. Sea Tenure and Its Transformation in the Sangihe Islands of North Sulawesi, Indonesia: ThesekePurse-Seine Fishery
Eddy Mantjoro and Tomoya Akimichi
9. Fishing in the Tropical Rain Forest: Utilization of Aquatic Resources among the Semaq Beri Hunter-Gatherers of Peninsular Malaysia
Yukio Kuchikura
10. A Report of Small-Scale Fishing Village in Southeastern Johor, Malaysia
Akira Goto
11. Fishing Ground Use at the Commercial Fishing Area in the Malay Peninsula: The Case of Parit Jawa, Johor State
Masataka Tawa
12. The Commercial Herding System among the Garri
Shun Sato
13. Indian Immigrants and the East African Slave Trade
Chizuko Tominaga
14. Some Problems on the Formation of the Swahili World and the Indian Ocean Maritime World<
Hikoichi Yajima

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