The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.43 Essays in Northeast African Studies

December 27, 1996 Publication

Edited by Shun Sato, Eisei Kurimoto

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Notes on Contributors
Map of Northeast Afirica and Surrounding Regions
1. Riverbank Cultivation in the Lower Omo Valley: The Intensive Farming System of the Kara, Southwestern Ethiopia
Hiroshi Matsuda
2. People of the River: Subsistence Economy of the Anywaa(Anuak) of Western Ethiopia
Eisei Kurimoto
3. Water, Land and Labor in Irrigation Agriculture along the Nile: Cases from the Northern Sudan among the Northern Minorities
Kazuo Ohtsuka
4. Cultivation Strategy and Historical Change of Sorghum Varieties in the Hoor of Southwestern Ethiopia
Yukio Miyawaki
5. Rainbow-Like Hierarchy: Dizi Social Organization
Akira Deguchi
6. Multilingualism in Koegu: Interethnic Relationships and Language
Osamu Hieda
7. On the Consonant Correspondences of South Omotic Languages
Yoichi Tsuge
8. Where Does the Wadi Come from?: The Cognitive Space of the Sinaitic Bedoui
Tetsuo Nishio
9. Textual Analysis of a Poetic Verse in a Muslim Oromo Society in Jimma Area, Southwestern Ethiopia
Minako Ishihara
10. The Monasteries of the Blue Nile: The Circular World of Africa
Takao Yamagata
11. The Philosophy of the Margin or the Space Which Cannot Be Utilized: Structuralist Analysis of Mandari Myths
Akira Deguchi
12. The Commercial Herding System among the Garri
Shun Sato
13. Indian Immigrants and the East African Slave Trade
Chizuko Tominaga
14. Some Problems on the Formation of the Swahili World and the Indian Ocean Maritime World<
Hikoichi Yajima

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