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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.66 Circumpolar Ethnicity and Identity

February 20, 2004 Publication

Edited by Takashi Irimoto, Takako Yamada

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Takashi Irimoto and Takako Yamada

Part I Ethnicity and Identity of Ainu in Japan
Rediscovering an appreciation for Ainu Culture
Mutsuko Nakamoto
Inheriting Ainu Ethnicity
Koichi Kaizawa
Creation of the Marimo Festival: Ainu Identity and Ethnic Symbiosis
Takashi Irimoto

Part II Ethnicity and Identity of Alaskan Eskimos and Canadian Inuit
Cultural Identity Through Yupiaq Narrative
George P. Charles
Learning from our Elders: Yup'ik "Culturalism" at the Umkumiut "Culture Camp"
Ann Fienup-Riordan
Cultural and Ethnic Identities of Inuit in Canada: Being a Real Inuk and Being One of the Inuit
Nobuhiro Kishigami
Advocacy Anthropology among the Iñupiat of Northern Alaska and the General Role of Ethnology in the Present Decade
Edith Turner

Part III Ethnicity and Identity of North American Natives
Contested Identities of "Indians" and "Whitemen" at James Bay, or the Power of Reason, Hybridity and Agency
Harvey A. Feit
The Role of Traditional Food in Identity Development among the Western James Bay Cree
Kayo Ohmagari
Changing Times
Henry S. Sharp
The Politics of Indian Residential Schooling in Northern Saskatchewan
Noel Dyck
Maintaining Dane-zaa Identity: "Those Story I Remember, That's What I Live by Now"
Robin Ridington
Contact the People: A Video by Garry Oker, Stacy Shaak, and Robin Ridington
Garry Oker
The Gwich'in Gathering: The Subsistence Tradition in Their Modern Life and the Gathering against Oil Development by the Gwich'in Athabascan
Toshiaki Inoue

Part IV Ethnicity and Identity of North Asian and Siberian Peoples
Shamanhood in the Processes of Northern Ethnicity and Identity
Juha Pentikäinen
Symbiosis with Nature: A Message for the Reconstructing of Sakha Ethnicity and Identity
Takako Yamada
Religious and Ethnic Revitalization among the Siberian Indigenous People: the Khanty Case
Elena Glavatskaya
Nationality and "Aboriginal Rights" in Post-Soviet Siberia
David G. Anderson
Historical Changes in Reindeer Herding by the Chukchi and Preservation of the Identity
Kazunobu Ikeya
Incorporation as a Linguistic Identity in Koryak
Megumi Kurebito
Construction of a National Emblem, Recomposition of Identities and úHeroic§EMillenarianism in Post-Soviet Buryatia: A Reappraisal
Roberte Hamayon

Part V Ethnicity and Identity of the Mongols and the Saami
Linguistic, Cultural and Morphological Characteristics of Mongolian Populations
Dashtseveg Tumen
Ethnic Identity of Tumed Mongols in Inner Mongolia
Yun Xiaomei
Ecological Changes and Identity of Chahar Mongols
Cultural Rights of the Saami People in Norway: Past and Present
Ole-Henrik Magga
Language Proficiency and Ethnicity: The Sami Case
Håkan Rydving
Indigenous Interdisciplinary Internationalism: The Modern Sami Experience, with Emphasis on Literature
Harald Gaski
Poetry Concert of the Yoik
Nils-Aslak Valkeapää

Part VI Concluding Remarks
Anthropology of Ethnicity and Identity
Takashi Irimoto


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