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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.72 Human-Nature Relations and the Historical Backgrounds of Hunter-Gatherer Cultures in Northeast Asian Forests:Russian Far East and Northeast Japan

January 20, 2009 Publication

Edited by Shiro Sasaki

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Shiro Sasaki

Chapter 1

Hunting, Fishing and Early Agriculture in Northern Primor’e in the Russian Far East
Nikolay N. Kradin, Yuri G. Nikitin, and Nikolay A. Kliuev
Chapter 2
Ethnoarchaeology of Trap Hunting Among the Matagi and the Udehe, Traditional
Hunting Peoples Living Around the Sea of Japan
Hiroyuki Sato
Chapter 3
Correlative Significance of Trap-placing and Environmental Differences: Traditional
Hunting in Mountainous Areas of Central and Northern Japan
Hiromi Taguchi
Chapter 4
Historical Background to the Distribution of Hunting Techniques and Equipment of the
Peoples of the Lower Amur and Primore Regions: Focusing on the Traps Used by the
Udehe to Catch Fur-bearing Animals
Shiro Sasaki
Chapter 5
How can we Approach the Issue of Ainu Traps? Ainu Hunting of Small Animals in the
Nineteenth-Century Fur Trade System
Koji Deriha
Chapter 6
Ainu Sea Otter Hunting from the Perspective of Sino-Japanese Trade
Kaoru Tezuka
Chapter 7
A Mythological Mountain Giant Bringing Hunters Luck: Reconstruction of the Ethno-
cultural Ties of the Indigenous Peoples of the Lower Amur Basin and Sakhalin
Sergei Vasilevich Bereznitsky
Chapter 8
The Role of Dogs in Nanai Cults
Andrei Petrovich Samar
Chapter 9
Some Ideas on the Principles of Sacral Shaped Areas of the Mohe: Toward the
Reconstruction of Cosmography in Ethnological Methodology
Konstantin Bannikov
Chapter 10
Sociolinguistic Situation of the Minority Languages of the Indigenous Peoples of the Far
Nadezhda Ya.Bulatova
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