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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.73 Interactions between Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers:from Prehistory to Present

March 31, 2009 Publication

Edited by Kazunobu IKEYA, Hidefumi OGAWA, Peter MITCHELL

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Kazunobu Ikeya and Hidefumi Ogawa
1    Introduction
Kazunobu Ikeya, Hidefumi Ogawa and Peter Mitchell

Archaeology in Africa and Asia

2    Hunter-Gatherers and Farmers: Some Implications of 1,800 Years of
Interaction in the Maloti-Drakensberg Region of Southern Africa
Peter Mitchell
3    Prehistoric Coexistence: The Expansion of Farming Society from the
Yangzi River Valley to Western South China
Tracey L-D Lu
4    Archaeological Approaches to the Interdependent Relationships between
Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherer and Farmer Societies
Hidefumi Ogawa

Jomon, Yayoi, and Ainu in Japan

5    Symbiotic Relations between Paddy-Field Rice Cultivators and Hunter-
Gatherer-Fishers in Japanese Prehistory: Archaeological Considerations
of the Transition from the Jomon Age to the Yayoi Age
Ryuzaburou Takahashi
6    Sacred Commonness: An Archaeobotanical Approach to Yayoi Social
Stratification: The “Central Building Model” and the Osaka Ikegami
Sone Site
Leo Aoi Hosoya
7    Interaction between the Ainu of Hokkaido and Honshu Japanese during
the Past 1,000 Years: Use Pattern Analysis of Wooden Artefacts from the
Ishikari Lowland
Kaoru Tezuka

Ethnology and Linguistics

8    Contemporary Relations between Agta and Their Farming Neighbours in
the Northern Sierra Madre of Philippines
Tessa Minter
9    Resource Contestation between Hunter-Gatherer and Farmer Societies:
Revisiting the Mlabri and the Hmong Communities in Northern Thailand
Sakkarin Na Nan
10    Historical and Contemporary Relations between Mlabri and Hmong in Northern
Kazunobu Ikeya and Shinsuke Nakai
11    Hunter-Gatherer and Farmer Symbiosis from a Linguist's Point of View
Lawrence A. Reid


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