The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.75 Issues in Tibeto-Burman Historical Linguistics

September 18, 2009 Publication

Edited by Nagano Yasuhiko

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Yasuhiko Nagano
Yasuhiko Nagano
Part I: Pronominals and Directives
Directional Prefixes in nDrapa and Neighboring Languages: An Areal Feature of Western Sichuan
Satoko Shirai
On the Verbal Affixes in West Himalayan
Yoshiharu Takahashi
On the Rise of the Classifier System in Newar
Kazuyuki Kiryu
The Origin of Non-Tibetan Words in the Tibetan Dialects of the Ethnic Corridor in West Sichuan
Hiroyuki Suzuki
Part II: Zhangzhung and Old Tibetan
Some Notes on‘Gold’and‘Road’in Zhangzhung and Tamangic
Isao Honda
Zhangzhung and Qiangic Languages
Guillaume Jacques
Zhangzhung and Gyarong
Yasuhiko Nagano
The Present Stage of Deciphering Old Zhangzhung
Tsuguhito Takeuchi and Ai Nishida
Part III: Comparison, Typology and Sub-grouping
When the‘Majority Rule’Does Not Apply: Ergative to Accusative Drift in Austronesian Languages and How We Know
Ritsuko Kikusawa
Challenging the Status-Quo: Drift, Direct Inheritance and Reconstruction
Lawrence A. Reid
Is There a Himalayan Tone Typology?
Jonathan P. Evans
Shared Morphology in Qiang and Tibetan
Huang Chenglong
Part IV: Some Critical Eyes on Linguistic Substrata
Causes and Effects of Substratum, Superstratum and Adstratum Influence, with Reference to Tibeto-Burman Languages
Randy J. LaPolla
The Historical Development of Youle Jino
Norihiko Hayashi
The Application of Substrate Theory in the Research on Ethnic Languages in China
Dai Qingxia
Stable Roots in Sino-Tibetan/Tibeto-Burman
James A. Matisoff
How to Establish Substratum Interference
Sarah G. Thomason

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