The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No. 77 Objectivization and Subjectivization: A Typology of Voice Systems

March 27, 2012 Publication

Edited by Wataru Nakamura and Ritsuko Kikusawa

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Part 1. Introduction

Editor's Introduction
Wataru Nakamura

Part 2. Objectivization: Applicative Voice

A Head-Marking Grammar for Applicative Constructions
Yoshiho Yasugi
Ditransitive Applicative Constructions: Synchronic Typology and Diachronic Continuum
Wataru Nakamura
Applicatives in Standard Indonesian
Asako Shiohara
Goal Voice and Conveyance Voice of Seediq
Naomi Tsukida
A Short Typology of Applicative Constructions in Papua New Guinea
Masahiko Nose

Part 3. Subjectivization: Passive, Antipassive, and Middle Voice

Optional Ergative Marking and the Emergence of Passive Structures in Austronesian Languages
Ritsuko Kikusawa
On a Middle Voice Suffi x in Kinnauri (Pangi dialect)
Yoshiharu Takahashi
An Outline of Valency-Reducing Operations in Chukchi
Tokusu Kurebito
Sentence Initial Elements and Subject in Upper Sorbian
Ken Sasahara

Part 4. Morphosyntax of Object Marking

Object in Cusco Quechua
Daisuke Ebina
Version and Object Marking in Georgian Verbs
Yasuhiro Kojima