The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No. 80 The Anthropology of Aging and Well-being: Searching for the Space and Time to Cultivate Life Together

February 21, 2013 Publication

Edited by Nanami Suzuki

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Nanami Suzuki

Part I The Meaning of Time and Space for Cultivating Life

Carrying Out Care: An Exploration of Time and Space in Cooperative Life Design
Nanami Suzuki
Reconsidering the Meaning of Nourishing Life: An Attempt to Energize the Concept of Well-being
Hiroaki Terasaki
The Welfare Complex, Sosu Asahi-no-oka: The Idea of a Facility Where People Can “Snuggle Up” to Each Other
Hironobu Shirozu

Part II The Regeneration of Living Places by Sharing Cultures

The Pursuit of Well-being by Elderly Japanese Women and the Symbolism of Bridal Noren Door Curtains
Yoko Taniguchi
A Reflection on the Meaning of ‘Play’ in Tourism for People’s Well-being
Hideki Endo
Achieving Dreams in One’s Post-retirement “Second Life”: A Study of Seniors’ Migration from Japan to Canada
Chikako Yamada
The Role of Active Aging in the Well-being of Elderly Japanese in Brazil
Itsuko Kanamoto

Part III A Reflection on ‘Time’ During Life Stage Transitions

Coping with Anxiety in a Long-living Society: Elderly Japanese Pilgrims and Their Life Design for “Living Happily Ever After”
Kuniko Fujiwara
Aging and Dying in a Rural Lowland Area of Laos: A Consideration of the Process of Creating a “Good Death” Together
Mitsuhiro Iwasa
A Reflection on Time and Space for Crossing Over in Life: Weaving A Story that Reverberates in the World and Outer Space
Nanami Suzuki
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