The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No. 87 The Anthropology of Care and Education for Life: Searching for Resilient Communities in Multicultural Aging Societies

March 24, 2014 Publication

Edited by Nanami Suzuki

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Nanami Suzuki

Part I Diversity of Cultural Background and Well-being in the Field of Care and Education

Understanding Aging Well in Culturally Diverse Australian Communities: The Case of Older Men Living in Rural Victoria
Susan Feldman and Harriet Radermacher
Social Preferences: A Discussion of Social Divisions and Early Childcare
Eva Gulløv
Narrow Social Norms in an Inclusive School: Values, Practices, and Consequences of the Danish School
Laura Gilliam

Part II Development of a New Public Space for Coexistence by Embracing Different Cultures

Living Independently, Living Well: Seniors Living in Housing and Development Board Studio Apartments in Singapore
Leng Leng Thang
Changes and Continuity in the Well-being of American Elderly People and Roles of Senior Centers
Mariko Fujita-Sano
Open Educational Space: Multi-strata Class Inclusion in Japan's Chinese Schools
Tien-shi Chen
Development of a Life-care Community as a "Town" Enriched with Diverse Ethnic Cultures: Focusing on the Cooperation of People Having Chinese and Japanese Cultural Backgrounds
Nanami Suzuki and Tilda Hui

Part III Reconsideration of the Future of Civil Society that Cherishes Diverse Lifestyles

The Question of Civil Society in a Scandinavian Welfare State: Focusing on Older People in Sweden
Eva Jeppsson Grassman
Lifestyle Space for Children in Scandinavia
Anne Trine Kjørholt
The Values Transmitted by Lifelong Education in Denmark: The Conditions of Social Inclusion
Nanami Suzuki
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