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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No. 90 Discourses on Family, Ethnicity, and State in China: Theoretical Explorations by East Asian Anthropologists

November 21, 2014 Publication


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Discourses on Family, Ethnicity, and State in China:
Theoretical Explorations by East Asian Anthropologists

Part 1 Family, Ethnicity and State as Frameworks for Studying Chinese Society

A Family and House of Han Chinese: Viewed from My Social Anthropological Research in East Asia
Minzu Identity under the Nation-State Context, Ethnic Identity in the Local Discourse:
Case Studies in the Zang (Tibetan)-Yi Corridor
WENG Naiqun
The State-Society Relations in the Anthropological Study of China
KIM Kwang Ok
Strangers and Acquaintances: Interpersonal Relationships in the Society of China

Part 2 Exploiting Resources of Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage

The Discourses of Tunbao Culture and the Cultural Resource Management
TSUKADA Shigeyuki
Tourism Exploitation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Mongolian: A Case Study on the Memorial Ceremony for Genghis Khan
SE Yin
Ethnic Discourse and Social Space:
The Social Production of Hakka Space in Guangxi and Sichuan
KAWAI Hironao
The Protection of the Intangible Cultural Heritage and Transmission of Folk Culture: The Case of Shaoxiang( incense burning) in the Kuandian County of Liaoning Province
LIU Zhengai
Ethnic Dress as the Brand and Fashion: A Case Study of the Process of Ready-Made Production among Miao (Hmong) in Wenshan, Yunnan
Contemporary Changes of Shamanism among Daur people:
A Case Study of Ominin Ritual
WU Fengling

Part 3  Formation of Ethnicity and Cultural Construction
      from Historical Perspectives

The Relationship between Enterprise and Government:
Case Study on Two "Chinese Old Brand" Companies (Heniantang, Tongrentang)
ZHANG Jijiao
The Reconstruction of the Ethnic Minorities' Concentrated Residential Area:
The Case of Xian's "Hui Quarter"
IMANAKA Takafumi
The Formation of Chaoxianzu from Perspectives of Nation, Society and Ethnicity
LI Haiyan
Historical Memories in the Discourses of Daily Life:
The Muslim People's Rebellion in Shaanxi during the Tongzhi Period of the Qing Dynasty
TAMURA Kazuhiko
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