The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No. 92 Northeast Asian Borders History, Politics, and Local Societies

March 31, 2016 Publication

Edited by Yuki Konagaya, Olga Shaglanova

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Northeast Asian Borders: History, Politics, and Local Societies
Olga Shaglanova
Thaws, Freezes, and Flows?
The Realities of Sino–Russian Relations on the Borderlands
Akihiro Iwashita
State-Managed Integration as a Contributor to Regional Development: The Cooperation Program between China's Northeast and Russia's Far East and Eastern Siberia (2009 to 2018)
Cheng Yang
Historical Legacies and Cinematic Representations of Cross-Border Interactions between China and Russia
Victor Zatsepine
Phantom Pains in Manchuria: Dreams, Projection, and Nostalgia
Franck Billé
Differing Korean and Japanese Perceptions of the East Sea/Sea of Japan in the Nineteenth Century
Song-Yong Park
The Russian State, Remoteness, and a Buryat Alternative Vision
Caroline Humphrey
The "Borderlands Milieu" between Russia and Mongolia: A History of Settlement and Transnational Interactions
Olga Shaglanova
The Origins and Evolution of Strategic Partnerships in Indigenous Societies: Past Strategies and Present-Day Tactics
Yuki Konagaya
A History of the Far East Indigenous Peoples' Transborder Activities between the Russian and Chinese Empires
Shiro Sasaki
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