The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Bulletin of the National Museum of Ethnology

1985-Vol. 10 No. 1-No. 4

July 20, 1985 Publication

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Vol. 10, No. 1 (1985.07.20)

Marriage Relations between Agriculturalists and Pastoralists in the Central Andes: The Case of Pampamarca Parish, Apurimac, South Central Peru
Fujii, Tatsuhiko and Hiroyasu Tomoeda
Environmental Exploitation on the Eastern Slope of the Central Andes: A Case of Amarete, Northwestern Bolivian Highland
Kimura, Hideo
A Brief History of the Orthographic Change among the Yucatec Maya
Yasugi, Yoshiho
An Analysis of the Optative Endings of the Subasi manuscript of Udanavarga
Nakatani, Hideaki
The Maetamorphosis of the Modern Kimono II
Daimaru, Hiroshi


Vol. 10, No. 2 (1985.10.22)

Judges among the Hanunoo-Mangyan of Mindoro Island
Miyamoto, Masaru
Marriage Process among the Muslims of Lower Egypt
Ohtsuka, Kazuo
Subsistence and Trade Activities of Quechua Peasants in the Upper-Valley Slope of the Eastern Central Andes
Hosokawa, Koomei
The Design and Construction Technique of Korean Chests, Boxes and Shelves in the National Museum of Ethnology
Kuruma, Masahiro
The Historical Ethnology of Bear Ceremonialism: A Review of Studies Since 1926
Obayashi, Taryo
The People Gathering to the Bear Festival: The Social Principles of the Evenks Reflected in Hunting Rituals
Sasaki, Shiro
"Pollution" , "Purity" ,and "Sacred" The Ideological Configuration of Hindu Society (in English)
Sekine, Yasumasa


Vol. 10, No. 3 (1986.02.22)

Musical Sounds in Korean Shamanistic Ritual: A Case Study of Cheju Island
Sakurai, Tetsuo
Ergativity of the rGyarong Language
Nagano, Yasuhiko
Sedentary Life before Agriculture
Nishida, Masaki
Preliminary Report of Folk Classification on Iwam Agriculture, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea
Yoshida, Shuji
The Structure of Costume Thesaurus (MCD Thesaurus)
Daimaru, Hiroshi and Haruko Takahashi
The Position of ‘Ali b. Abi Taleb in Twelver Imami Shi’ ism (Ithna ‘Ashariyya): The Image of ‘Ali among Iranian Muslims
Shimamoto, Takamitsu
Color Fading under Cool-Beam Spot Light
Morita, Tsuneyuki
Labor Supply and Demand in a Complex System: Integrated Agriculture-Aquaculture in the Zhujiang Delta, China (in English)
Ruddle, Kenneth


Vol. 10, No. 4 (1986.03.29)

Structural Change of Matrilineal Descent Group in Greater Trukese Society, Micronesia
Sudo, Ken-ichi
Navigational Knowledge of the Yetak System and Allocation at Sea on Satawal, Central Caroline Islands
Akimichi, Tomoya
Religious Forces and Political Conflicts in Contemporary Islam: the Azhar-Husayni Complex and the Salafiyyah in Cairo
Kosugi, Yasushi
The Interpretation of Caturmasya Sacrifice according to the Ancient Indian Brahmana Literature
Einoo, Shingo
Quotation Particle in Cheremis and Votyak: Turkic-type Quotation in Uralic Languages
Shoji, Hiroshi
Progress of Studies on Folk Tools: Since 1960
Nakamura, Shunkichi
A Study of the Diffusion Routes of the Zar Cult to the Middle Eastern Countries
Shimizu, Yoshimi
Rural Reforms and Household Economies in the Dike-Pond Area of the Zhujiang Delta, China (in English)
Ruddle, Kenneth

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