The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Library Purchase Request (Only for those affiliated with Minpaku)

Regarding Book Purchase Applications

Budget Content of Material Application Method Selection Method and Maximum Amount for Application
Book Purchase Funds Individual Research Materials Books Necessary for Research in an Individual Specialty Area Fill out a “Book Order Card” and submit it to the Library. All items will be purchased.
Maximum per person is 500,000 yen.
Basic Books Basic Books Needed by Minpaku Selected by the Library Committee
Maximum per person is 300,000 yen.
Current Journals/Magazines Includes CD-ROMs to be Purchased on an Ongoing Basis Survey conducted every year (normally between May-June) Selected by the Library Committee
Graduate School Book Purchase Funds Books for Graduate Students Academic advisor or faculty member in charge applies.
Fill out a “Book Order Card” and submit it to the Library.
All items will be purchased.

Book Purchase Card (For Purchases) ( Excel Format )( PDF Format )

  • To the greatest extent possible, please attach the information source, such as a catalog or URL, etc. to the Book Purchase Card.
  • In the event that the purchase cost of an individual book you want for individual research exceeds the maximum (500,000 yen), please attach a “Reason for Application Form.”

Reason for Application Form ( Word Format ) ( PDF Format

  • Two applicants are necessary for items exceeding one million yen.
  • For items over two million yen, two applicants, as well as a letter of recommendation from someone not affiliated with Minpaku are necessary.

Submit To:

Inquiries: Information Service Department, Materials and Books Section

  • When purchasing books with a JSPS Grant-in-Aid, it is necessary to apply to submit a donation ( Word Format ) , and also to fill out a donation application form (JSPS Grant-in-Aid Form No.1) ( Word Format
  • Handling of library books and materials purchased with a JSPS Grant-in-Aid ( Word Format )
  • Book Purchase Cards (For Donations/Recommendations) ( Excel Format ) ( PDF Format )

Extension: 8229, 2061