The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.


Instructions and Directions for Users

Publishers have their own terms and conditions for the use of their electronic journals.
Generally, the following acts are prohibited.

  • Use for purposes other than personal research and study
  • Excessive downloads or print-outs beyond normal personal usage, in particular, downloads using automatic download software
  • Duplication and redistribution of data

If you violate these terms and conditions, your use of all electronic journals by the publisher will be suspended. So, please use this service with caution in keeping the instructions and directions described above.

Electronic Journal Portal

You can see a list of all the electronic journals (approximately 80,000 titles) to which you have access from Minpaku.
※ This includes open-access journals.
You can also search by the journal name.

List of Electronic Journal Platforms

The museum has a blanket contract with some publishers of these electronic journals.

Please note that the number of issues and articles that you can browse in full-text versions differs, depending upon each journal.

To browse the full-text version of an article, you need to access it from one of the computers at Minpaku that is connected to the network.

=Remote access (i.e., from outside this museum, such as your home) is possible.
If you wish to use this service, we will provide you with an ID and a password. Please apply at the counter of the library; however, due to agreements with the publishers, this service is limited to professors and graduate students of this institution.

You have access to BioOne.1 and BioOne.2, the electronic journal databases of biological sciences, which were promoted by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) in North America.

Cambridge Journals

You have access to about 300 electronic journals of Cambridge University Press. (The number of issues that you can browse differs depending upon each journal.)

Cambridge Journals Digital Archive : HSS Collection

You can browse 117 electronic journals in the humanities and social sciences of Cambridge University Press from their first issues.

Electronic Journal BAK Files by De Gruyter

You have access to 41 journals in linguistics, literature, and communications from the first issue to 2008.

Please access them from the Electronic Journal Portal.

JSTOR Archive

JSTOR, a not-for-profit service, was originally established as one of the projects of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. It is a major electronic journal archive. You can browse the following 6 collections; however, there is no access to the most recent volume.

  • Arts and Sciences I collection
  • Arts and Sciences II collection
  • Arts and Sciences III collection
  • Arts and Sciences Ⅶ collection
  • Life Sciences Collection
  • Business Collection

Reference: Introduction by Kinokuniya Company

Oxford Journals Online Archive Collection

You have access to 201 electronic journals published by Oxford University Press, from the first issue to 1995.

Project MUSE: Standard Collection

This service provides more than 330 electronic journals from academic publishers, with a focus on the areas of humanities and social sciences. (The number of issues differs depending upon each journal.)

It includes literature, history, visual/performing arts, cultural research, philosophy, education, political/policy studies, religion, Asian studies, Jewish research, gender studies, economics, and international relations.

Reference: Title List(Excel),Introduction by Kinokuniya Company

SciVerse ScienceDirect: Standard Collection + Transaction

You can browse academic journals published by Elsevier Science and its related publishers. (1998~)

Reference: Quick Reference Guide in Japanese,Support Page in Japanese

Springer LINK

You can browse academic journals published by Springer from their first issues.

Reference: Springer Japan

Electronic Journal BAK Files by Taylor & Francis Group

You can browse 178 electronic journals from their first issue to 1996, in three areas: arts & humanities, politics, international relations & area studies, and anthropology & archaeology.

Please access them from theElectronic Journal Portal

Wiley Online Library

You can browse electronic journals published by Wiley. (1997~)

Reference: Quick Guide in Japanese,Wiley-Japan