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Friday, February 27, 2009
《International Workshop》The Thoughts of Well-being and the Co-working of Citizens: Alternative Care Practices in Canada and Denmark
  • Date: Friday, 27th February 2009
  • Time: 13:30-17:00
  • Place: Seminar Room No. 3 at the National Museum of Ethnology

PROGRAM 27 February (Friday)

13:30 Opening Address
SUZUKI Nanami (Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)
13:35 Greetings
MATSUZONO Makio (Director General, National Museum of Ethnology)
13:40 Introduction to the workshop
SUZUKI Nanami (Professor, National Museum of Ethnology)
[Session 1] Chair SUZUKI Nanami
13:50 "Peer Design and Peer Learning": Life-long Education Program at McGill Institute for Learning in Retirement (MILR)
IKAWA-SMITH, Fumiko (Professor Emerita, McGill University)
14:20 Momiji Outreach Programs for a Long-term Care Home in a Multicultural Society of Canada
DEMBO Kiyoshi (Outreach Coordinator, Momiji Health Care Society)
14:50 Continuum Care and Cultural Awareness in the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care
HUI Tilda (Executive Director, Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care)
15:20 "Schools without Examinations": Folkehoejskole as the Foundation of Denmark's Status as a Social-welfare Country
CHIBA Tadao (Director, Bank Mikkelsens Mindefond/ Director, Danish Japanese Cultural College)
15:50 Break
[Session 2] Chair SUZUKI Nanami
16:00 - Discussion Commentator FUJITA-SANO Mariko (Professor, Hiroshima University)