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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.48 Japanese Anthropologists and Malaysian Society:Contributions to Malaysian Ethnography

June 24, 1998 Publication

Edited by SHAMSUL A. B., Tomiyuki Uesugi

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1. Editors
2. Nurturing Malaysian Studies in Japan through Anthropology
Shamsul A.B.
3. A Study of a Matrilineal Villages in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
Kuwahara Sueo
4. Reconsidering Malay Islam as a System of Meaning in Social Reality
Tawada Hiroshi
5. A Benevolent Protector or a Failed Exploiter? An Examination of Local Response to Agro-Economic Policies under the Second Rajah, Charles Brooke (1868-1917) of Sarawak
Ishikawa Noboru
6. The Revival of Myth in a Modern Context: Reflections on an Episode among the Murut of Sabah, East Malaysia
Uesugi Tomiyuki
7. Postscript: Japanese Anthropological Scholarship in Malaysia
Tachimoto Maeda Narifilmi
8. Selected Bibliography of Works by Japanese Scholars on Malaysian Societies since the 1960s
Uesugi Tomiyuki
Selected Bibliography
List of Contributors

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