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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.70 Updating the San: Image and Reality of an African People in the 21st Century

December 28, 2006 Publication

Edited by Robert K. Hitchcock, Kazunobu Ikeya, Megan Biesele and Richard B. Lee

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Robert K. Hitchcock, Kazunobu Ikeya. Megan Biesele ,and Richard B. Lee
1  Introduction: Updating the San, Image and Reality of an African People in the Twenty First Century
Robert K. Hitchcock, Kazunobu Ikeya. Megan Biesele , and Richard B. Lee

Health, Body and Perception
2  Confounding Conventional Wisdom: The Ju/'hoansi and HIV/AIDS
Richard B. Lee and Ida Susser
3  "Our Health Was Better in the Time of Queen Elizabeth": The Importance of Land to the Health Perception of the Botswana San
Benedicte Ingstad and Per Fugelli
4  Changes in Co-survivorship of Adult Children and Parents: Ju/'hoansi of Botswana in 1968 and 1988
Patricia Draper and Nancy Howell
5  Explaining Pathways in the Central Kalahari
Akira Takada

Development and Social Changes
6  Drinking, Fighting, and Healing: San Struggles for Survival and Solidarity in the Omaheke Region, Namibia
Renee Sylvain
7  Ju/'hoan Writers and Readers: Developing a Literate Tradition for Long-Term Language Preservation.
Megan Biesele
8  The San Culture and Education Center !Khwa ttu: A Process of Heritage Restitution
Irene Staehelin
9  San Development and Challenges in Development Cooperation
Sidsel Saugestad

Land , Identity and Human Rights
10  Land, Livestock, and Labor in Rural Botswana: The Western Sandveld Region of Central District as a Case Study
Alec Campbell, Michael Main, and Robert K. Hitchcock
11  'We Are the Owners of the Land': The San Struggle for the Kalahari and Its Resources
Robert K. Hitchcock
12  Human Rights and Refugees with Special Reference to Southern Africa
Art Hansen
13  The Thumb Piano and San Identity in Central Botswana
Kazunobu Ikeya

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