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Senri Ethnological Studies (SES)

No.71 Music and Society in South Asia: Perspectives from Japan

March 31, 2008 Publication

Edited by Yoshitaka Terada

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Yoshitaka Terada

Part I: Song Texts
Popular Music and Social Changes in Sri Lanka
Shibuya Toshio
Women, Abuse Songs and Erotic Dances: Marriage Ceremonies in Northern India
Yuko Yagi
Part II: Religion and Music
Bhuta and Daiva: Changing Cosmology of Rituals and Narratives in Karnataka
Masataka Suzuki
The Samaj-gayan Tradition: Transmitting a Musico-Religious System in North India
Takako Tanaka
Between Art and Religion: Bhagavata Mela in Thanjavur
Takako Inoue
Part III: Classical Music Traditions
Flexibility in Karnatic Music: A Comparative Analysis of Maha Ganapatim
Yuko Matoba
The Transformation of Sarod Gharana: Transmitting Musical Property in Hindustani Music
Masakazu Tamori
Tamil Isai as a Challenge to Brahmanical Music Culture in South India
Yoshitaka Terada
Part IV: Theater, Cinema and Dance Sculpture
ßgBoys Be Ambitiousßh: Popular Theatre, Popular Cinema and Tamil Nationalism
Yoshio Sugimoto
Asia to Watch, Asia to Present: The Promotion of Asian/Indian Cinema in Japan
Tamaki Matsuoka
Dancing Images in the Gopuras: A New Perspective on Dance Sculptures in South Indian Temples
Yuko Fukuroi


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