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Human and International Security in India  September 21, 2015 Publication
Crispin Bates、Akio Tanabe、Minoru Mio 著Routledge


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  • ISBN:978-1-138-90866-6
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  • 人間文化研究機構「現代インド地域研究」






Introduction: Looking back on human and international security in India since independence Crispin Bates
1 The paradoxes of Indian politics: a dialogue between political science and history Subho Basu and Crispin Bates
2 India's foreign relations: an overview Jayanta Kumar Ray
3 The transformation of India's external posture and its relationship with China Takenori Horimoto
4 India's macroeconomic performance in the long run Takahiro Sato
5 Public health and human security in India: poised for positive change Sunil Chacko
6 Being Muslim in India today Mushirul Hasan
7 Democracy and violence in India: the example of Bihar Kazuya Nakamizo
8 Microfinance and gender: the Magalir Thittam in Tamil Nadu Anthonysamy Sagayaraj
9 Rural lives and livelihoods: perceptions of security in a Rajasthan village Ann Grodzins Gold
10 As hierarchies wane: explaining intercaste accommodation in rural India James Manor
11 Epilogue: Human and international security in an age of new risks and opportunities Akio Tanabe and Minoru Mio