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Family, Ethnicity and State in Chinese Culture Under the Impact of Globalization  November 2, 2017 Publication


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国立民族学博物館の機関研究「中国における家族・民族・国家のディスコース」(代表:韓敏 2012年4月~2015年3月)の成果である。中国文化における家族、民族、国家の言説とその動態を、歴史とグローバルの視点から検討した。現代の中国及び華人社会に関する東アジア、アメリカの研究者による初めての人類学的論文集である。




Family, Ethnicity and State: Historical and Global Perspectives on Chinese Societies (HAN Min & KAWAI Hironao)
Part 1 The Individual Person, Family and State from a Historical Perspective
Chapter 1 The Concept of ‘House’ in the Family System of East Asian Societies (SUENARI Michio)
Chapter 2 A Millennium in the History of Lineage (Zongzu and Jiazu) in China:As Seen in Jiangxi and Guangdong (HE Xi and FAURE David)
Chapter 3 Ethnicity and the Degree-Holding Elite in Qing-Era Taiwan: The 1803 Restoration of the Prefectural Confucian Temple (COHEN Myron L)
Chapter 4 What is Chinese Kinship and What is Not? (WONG Heung-Wa)
Chapter 5 A Person’s Being “Raw”, “Half-cooked” and “Cooked” in Chinese Culture (ZHOU Xing)
Part 2 Ethnicity, Nation and Cultural Construction in the Socialist State
Chapter 6 Confucius between the State and Society in Contemporary China (KIM Kwang Ok)
Chapter 7 Between Confucian Discourse and Practice (KAWAGUCHI Yukihiro)
Chapter 8 Political Pilgrimage and Sacred Sites in Socialist China: Shaoshan, the Birthplace of Mao Zedong (HAN Min)
Chapter 9 Social Change in the Era of Globalization: Urbanized Rural Community in Qingdao, North China (SASAKI Mamoru)
Chapter 10 Remembered Sufi Saint: Reconstruction of a “Gongbei” and the Struggles over the Leadership in Ningxia (SAWAI Mitsuo)
Part 3 Dynamic Ethnicity and Cultural Flow in Transnational Conditions
Chapter 11 Family, Education and Ethnic Identity among Chinese in Northern Thailand (HUANG Shu-min)
Chapter 12 Laotong, an Alternative Kinship: A Profile of the Network between Zhuang in China and Nung, Tay in Vietnam (TSUKADA Shigeyuki)
Chpater 13 The Construction of a Sacred Landscape by the Hakka in Southern Vietnam (KAWAI Hironao and WU Yunxia)
Chapter 14 Changes in Minority Life Seen Through the Transformation of Dress: A Case Study of Hmong in Yunnan, China (MIYAWAKI Chie)
Chapter 15 Urban Aboriginal People and Education in Western Canada (PENG Xuefang)
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