The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Users' guide (general public)

Persons Affiliated With Minpaku, Please Look HereLibrary User Guide (For Persons Affiliated with Minpaku)

Anyone may use this Library, which is an Inter-University Institute library.
Materials may also be borrowed, with some exceptions such as rare books.
For all services, please understand that Minpaku affiliates will be given priority.

Open Hours

  • Days Open: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays-Saturdays 10:00-17:00(Entry permitted until 16:30)
    Library calendar
  • Days Closed: Sundays, Holidays, Wednesdays, and days the Museum is closed.


  • Upon receiving a Visitor’s Security Card from either the first-floor information desk, the security office, the second-floor ticket sales counter, or the Discovey Space, proceed to the library on the third floor.
  • At the library counter, please complete the necessary procedures


  • You are free to browse the materials in the stacks.
    Search Stacks
  • A separate application is required if you wish to look at rare books or archival materials, or to take photographs of them. Please inquire for details.
    Special Use Application Form

Copying Materials

  • Library materials may be copied for investigation, research, or study within the scope permitted by copyright law. Please apply at the library counter when you wish to make photocopies.
    Photocopy Acceptance Times: 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Type of Copy Fee
Electronic Copying Self-Service Copying Monochrome 10 yen/sheet
Color 80 yen/sheet
Other than Self-Service Copying Monochrome 35 yen/sheet
Color 100 yen/sheet
Reader Printer 40 yen/sheet
  • Fees are to be paid cash-on-delivery.
  • Change is not available, so please have exact change ready.


Materials may be lent to anyone 18 years or older who applies for a Library Card.
Please bring an identification card that indicates your address and apply at the counter.
We ask that students present their Student Identification Card.

Library Cards are valid through the end of the fiscal year. We ask that you renew your card every fiscal year.

Borrowable Materials: General books (Some audio-visual materials, magazines, and rare books may not be lent out.)
Lending Limit: Five books
Lending Period: Two weeks

When You Cannot Come to the Library

  • Lending
    We do not accept requests from individuals. Please apply through the university or institute library that you are affiliated with, or from a public library.
    Lending Period: 20 days (including time required for mailing)
  • Copying
    Copying of materials in the Minpaku Library’s collection is on the following conditions: 1) the material to be copied and the place to be copied are clearly identified, and 2) copying is done within the scope of copyright laws.
    Copy requests cannot be cancelled after they have been made.

For those affiliated with another university or academic institution, please apply through your affiliated library. All others, please apply through a public library or individually.

  • For Individual Applicants
    Fee: Monochrome - 35 yen/sheet; color - 100 yen/sheet; micro-reader printer 40 yen/sheet plus the cost of mailing. Payment is to be made in advance.
    First-time users, please inquire:
    Telephone: 06-6878-8271 (Library Counter)
    FAX: 06-6878-8249
  • For Other University Library Users
    For institutions not participating in the “Copy Fee Offset System,” provided by the National Institute of Informatics, we ask that payment be made in advance.
    For those who request after-the-fact payment, we will send a payment request every month. Please inquire if you are interested.