The National Museum of Ethnology (Minpaku) is a research center for ethnology and cultural anthropology.

Publications by Minpaku researchers

Early Andean Civilization in Peru: Interaction, Authority, and Socioeconomic Organization during the First and Second Millennia BC  January 21, 2020 Publication

Richard L. Burger, Lucy C. Salazar, and Yuji Seki (eds.)

Yale University Department of Anthropology and the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History










ONE  Wealth in People: An Alternative Perspective on Initial Period Monumental Architecture from the Caballo Muerto Complex

Jason Nesbitt, Tulane University


TWO  Early Settlement and Cultural Landscape in the Tembladera Area of the Middle Jequetepeque Valley

Eisei Tsurumi, University of Tokyo


THREE  Intraregional Competition and Interregional Reciprocity: Formative Social Organization on the North-Central Coast

Koichiro Shibata, University of Foreign Studies, Kobe City


FOUR  New Insights into the Architecture and Organization of Cardal

Recharc L. Burger and LucyC. Salazar, Yale University


FIVE  The Problem with Anchucaya: Site Formation Processes at Initial Period and Early Horizon Sites in the Central Andes

Christopher Milan, DePaul University


SIX  Socioeconomic Transformations at the Ceremonial Center of Kuntur Wasi: Raw Materials, Craft Production, and Leadership

Kinya Inokuchi, Saitama University

Isabelle Druc, University of Wisconsin, Madison


SEVEN  A Shift in the Use of Animals in the Northern Highlands Formative Period: Climate Change or Social Adaptation?

Kazuhiro Uzawa, University of East Asia


EIGHT  Emergence of Poser during the Formative Period at the Pacopampa Site

Yuji Seki, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka

Diana Aleman Paredes, Mauro Ordoñez Livia, and Daniel Morales Chocano, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Mracos


NINE  Monumental Architecture, Stars, and Mounds at the Temple of Pacopampa: The Rising Azimuth of the Pleiades and Changing Concepts of Landscape

Masato Sakai, Shinpei Shibata, and Toshihiro Takasaki, Yamagata University

Juan Pable Villanueva, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Yuji Seki, National Museum of Ethnology, Osaka


TEN  Diachronic Changes in Sociopolitical Developments and Interregional Interaction in the Early Horizon Eastern Montane Forest

Ryan Clasby, Skidmore College


ELEVEN  South of Chavín: Initial Period and Early Horizon Interregional Interactions between the Central Highlands and South Coast

Yuichi Matsumoto, Yamagata University


TWELVE  Changing Interpretations of Early Central Andean Civilization

Richard L. Burger, Yale University